New 'The Batman' Movie Rumor Involves Jason Todd

Many rumors are circulating the upcoming solo Batman film directed by Matt Reeves, a majority of which center around who will portray the Dark Knight. Fewer rumors have emerged surrounding what the film's narrative will feature, with Manabyte claiming that the film is expected to feature the death of Jason Todd, one of the many characters to be Batman's sidekick Robin.

The site notes, "That doesn’t mean that we’re getting [comics storyline] 'A Death in the Family' on the big screen, or The Red Hood (that’s probably a sequel), but instead how a younger Bruce Wayne deals with being responsible for a death of a Robin."

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, audiences saw a memorialized Robin costume with "Joke's on you Batman" scrawled across it, a direct reference to the storyline in which Joker killed Batman's apprentice. The costume wasn't addressed, yet comic fans knew exactly what this visage represented.

If the storyline isn't directly adapted, it's also possible that the upcoming Joker origin film could feature the horrific events, possibly placing the events of that film before the events of The Batman.

Depending on how much earlier in Batman's career the story would take place, it would allow for an organic exit from the franchise for Affleck, who has reportedly been looking to leave the franchise since before the release of Justice League.

The actor's debut in the DC Extended Universe was received positively in Batman v Superman, yet the film itself wasn't received as well as a whole. Possibly going on to be more popular than the film itself was a video in which Affleck and his co-star Henry Cavill were asked about the film's poor critical reviews, resulting in a long-winded answer from Cavill while Affleck stared off into space. Understandably, news began to emerge shortly after about the actor's unhappiness with the overall DCEU.

The actor has yet to solidify his plans to exit the franchise, though his handing off of directorial duties on The Batman to Matt Reeves is only one indicator that Affleck could be looking to slowly distance himself from the saga.

With filming on The Batman not expected to start until next year, only time will tell whether we'll see Affleck in the role and what the story will hold.


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