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"Me Buu, kill you!"
— While battling against Super Saiyan 3 Goku in "Minute of Desperation"

Kid Buu (じんブウ (じゅんすい Majin Bū (Junsui), lit. "Majin Boo (Pure)") is the original, pure form of Majin Buu. Unlike his other forms, this form of Buu's thought process is seen to be irrational and spontaneous, even destroying his own body to destroy the Earth. Although he appears smaller than any other form, he is more dangerous than any other forms of Buu due to his full relentless evil and unpredictability. He is also completely free of restraint and has no trace of sanity and, because of this, is extremely volatile. He retains his childish personality, becoming amused and laughing hysterically at his own destruction of entire worlds. He is the main antagonist for the Kid Buu Saga as well as the final antagonist of the Majin Buu Saga.

After his death, Kid Buu reincarnated into Uub (ウーブ Ūbu), with Kid Buu hidden inside his being.[3]


Kid Buu is almost identical in terms of appearance to that of Super Buu, with the exception that he is childlike in terms of stature and his antenna also becomes quite short. In the manga, Kid Buu does not have any fingers besides the small index finger, but in the anime and video-games, he has the regular four fingers and a thumb. Just like the other Buus, he wears baggy white pants with a black belt showing the Majin symbol. Like Super Buu, he wears black arm covers.


Kid Buu's personality is very similar to that of a very young spoiled, selfish child, in that he retains no form of compassion or remorse for any of his actions. Furthermore, due to his selfish and capricious personality and mind-set, he is incapable of developing empathy and comprehending the nature of his actions. It can also be said that Kid Buu is very similar to that of a low-functioning sociopath. Kid Buu is also, like a child, very unpredictable in his behavior and actions, sometimes randomly falling asleep during battle, or acting like a monkey by banging his chest with his fists.

Buu's only reason for existence was to cause absolute destruction. He enjoyed the destruction he brought to the universe, reveling in the devastation he wreaks. He appears to enjoy testing the limits of his own power as well, seeking out Vegeta and Goku just to see how far they could push him. He is also utterly merciless, annihilating entire planets simply because Vegeta and Goku were not there. On the rare occasion he ever showed any restraint of his power, it was to make his "game" of destruction last longer instead of producing an instant kill. He is not a sadistic killer seeking to bring pain to his victims, as he seemingly does not care, or even know about pain, nor does he seek to conquer and rule over anything. He merely seeks to have fun the only way he knows how; creating havoc and destruction in the whole universe, similar to the fat version of Buu before Mr. Satan told him to stop killing.

Though he is highly irrational and insane, Kid Buu does seem to have some reasoning abilities and intelligence, as he quickly realized that Goku refused to hit him with the Super Spirit Bomb as long as Vegeta was in the way and took advantage of it by pinning the latter to the ground. Though caring little for Bibidi, Kid Buu at the very least seemed to tolerate his presence presumably due to Bibidi summoning him and encouraging the destruction he caused as well as leading him to powerful opponents to test his power against such as the Supreme Kais, thus showing that Kid Buu can tolerate weaker beings if they prove useful to him, even though he has no real loyalty to Bibidi. In some video games, he is shown to get along with Janemba to the point they could be considered friends or at the very least allies as they both enjoy destruction and have similar personalities, even being able to fuse into their EX-Fusion Janembu. However, in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Demon God Buu is shown to have no problem with absorbing Xeno Janemba, though it is possible that his personality is influenced by his absorption of Demon God Dabura.

From all the forms of Buu, Kid Buu appears to be the least capable of speech, which Vegeta even commented on by sarcastically calling Kid Buu a "gifted speaker." In the manga, his only phrase is "You've had it!" during the battle against Goku and Vegeta, his other words being mostly gibberish. In the Funimation dub of the anime, Kid Buu's speech capacity is somewhat increased, as he says things such as "Buu squash you like bugs!", "Dum Dums!", "Me Buu, kill you!" and "Me Buu, not you!"



Though Shin says that Bibidi made him, in truth Buu actually has existed since time immemorial. He cycled between rampages and long hibernation. During numerous iterations of this cycle, he absorbed the evil elements of mankind, becoming steadily more violent. The evil wizard Bibidi merely knew the means of calling Buu from out of his long slumber.[1]


Bibidi and Majin Buu

Roughly five million years before the actual story of Dragon Ball takes place, Majin Buu was summoned by Bibidi. This monster was a virtually invincible force of destruction, and, because of his absolutely wild and ruthless nature, he could not be controlled, even by Bibidi himself. An example of this is when Kid Buu blew up Planet Alpha and its inhabitants, and almost hit Bibidi in the process, causing Bibidi to tell Kid Buu off and only meekly telling him he is his "father" when Kid Buu intimidated him by glaring at him. Eventually, Buu and Bibidi made their way to the Sacred World of the Kai, where the rulers of the universe and Bibidi's sworn enemies, the Supreme Kais, lived peacefully. Majin Buu proceeded to kill both West Supreme Kai and North Supreme Kai before encountering South Supreme Kai, the strongest of the Kais. Although the Kai managed to fight more evenly with Buu than his cohorts had and landed a few hits on the monster, Buu managed to absorb Southern Supreme Kai during their fight, which transformed him into a bulkier version of himself.


Majin Buu after he absorbed the Southern Supreme Kai

Majin Buu then made an attempt on the life of Shin, but he was saved by Daikaioh, who inflicted immense damage on Buu, but was unable to kill him due to Buu's regeneration. Buu then absorbed him, resulting in the childlike fat Majin Buu. Due to the innocence of the Grand Supreme Kai's soul, this Buu was much less evil and wild than the original Buu. As Buu became calmer and easier to control,[4] seeing his opportunity, Bibidi finally managed to seal Majin Buu inside of a Sealed Ball without much resistance from the latter. Bibidi was then killed by Shin a short time later, which meant the madness of Majin Buu was believed to have ended for good. However, the fat Majin Buu was again resurrected 5 million years later on Earth by Bibidi's doppelganger, Babidi. After a long chain of events (which includes the fat Majin Buu murdering Babidi, the fight between Good Buu and Evil Buu, the birth of Super Buu, and everyone that Super Buu had absorbed (Gotenks, Piccolo, Gohan, and the fat Buu) being removed by Goku and Vegeta (when they were voluntarily absorbed when they were Vegito), the original pure evil form of Majin Buu finally resurfaced.

Due to the destruction caused by both Kid Buu and his fat incarnation, Majin Buu developed a fearsome reputation in Universe 7, enough that King Cold warned Frieza to never oppose Majin Buu.

Dragon Ball Z

Kid Buu Saga

Main article: Kid Buu Saga


Kid Buu as he prepares to blow up the Earth

After he came to his senses, transforming from Super Buu after Vegeta removed the good Majin Buu from Super Buu's head, Kid Buu attempted to destroy the Earth with a small yet incredibly powerful energy ball, but it was deflected by Vegeta's Final Burst Cannon. Kid Buu then created a massive energy ball and flung it towards the Earth. Goku and Vegeta realized that they would be unable to stop it and made an attempt to escape with Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo. However, the only three that they were able to grab nearby were Mr. Satan, his dog Bee, and Dende. Kibito Kai appeared and grabbed onto Goku's hand (and grabbing on to Vegeta by his sleeveless jumpsuit), and teleports them away with Kai Kai while Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu are left on Earth, where it is then shortly and completely obliterated.


Kid Buu prepares an energy blast


Kid Buu on the attack

Regenerating after the explosion, Kid Buu goes off in search of Goku and Vegeta, teleporting to many planets as he goes and destroying them upon sensing the Saiyans' absence. Along the way, in an anime only filler scene, he finds the Grand Kai's Planet, where Pikkon and Olibu approach him and start taunting him, leading a number of dead warriors risking their existence, against him including Krillin and Yamcha. After a victorious scuffle with Krillin, before he can finish him and the other dead warriors, Kid Buu manages to sense the increasing combat powers of Goku and Vegeta, and teleports off to the Sacred World of the Kais seeking strong opponents. Upon arriving, Kid Buu battles with Super Saiyan 2 Goku and Goku has the upper hand, although Kid Buu is not fighting at his maximum. Once he powers up, Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3 (in the manga, he does this right away instead of fighting in the Super Saiyan 2 form in the anime) and fights evenly with him.

"Me Buu, not you!"
— Kid Buu, about to blast Good Buu

Goku vs buu

Goku fighting Kid Buu


Kid Buu attacking Super Saiyan 3 Goku using the Elastic Tentacle attack.

Kid Buu, having the advantage of perpetual endurance,[5] wins over the battered Goku, who is quickly losing power from his draining Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Vegeta transforms into his Super Saiyan 2 form to fight Kid Buu in an attempt to buy some time so Goku can charge to full power to finish Buu, but is quickly defeated as well despite fighting well and lasting longer than expected. Mr. Satan then steps in and attempts to fight Buu, but is severely outmatched and relies on mere luck to survive. Kid Buu moves in for the kill, but finds himself unable to do so due to having the memories of Good Buu. His frustration ultimately leads him to spit out a small stone which explodes into an unconscious Good Buu. Now with nothing to stop him, Kid Buu resumes the play-fight with the enraged Mr. Satan, who attempts another pitiful attack when Good Buu steps in. Good Buu angrily tells Kid Buu to leave Mr. Satan alone and that his battle is with him. Kid Buu and Good Buu then engage one another in combat. The battle quickly turns in Kid Buu's favor, and he ultimately dominates Good Buu, who however, refuses to give up the fight.

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta hatch a plan to have Dende and Kibito Kai use Porunga to restore the Earth and revive all the good people who were killed since the World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku then prepares to create a Super Spirit Bomb, while Vegeta uses King Kai's telepathy to ask for the Earthlings' help, to which only their friends and family respond. Kid Buu and Good Buu continue their battle, until Good Buu is beaten so badly that he cannot fight any longer. Mr. Satan then steps in to stop Kid Buu, and Vegeta once again battles Kid Buu to buy some more time. Ultimately, Mr. Satan manages to convince the people of Earth to give up their energy and the Super Spirit Bomb reaches completion, frightening Kid Buu. Unfortunately, Kid Buu holds the battered Vegeta 'hostage', keeping him in the Spirit Bomb's path as well, therefore stopping Goku from throwing the attack. However, Good Buu wakes up and smashes himself headfirst into Kid Buu, knocking him off Vegeta for Mr. Satan to carry off to safety. Unable to get Good Buu off of him, Kid Buu angrily blasts him away with a massive energy sphere.


The end of Kid Buu

Now with an obstacle-free path, Goku takes his chance and throws the Spirit Bomb straight at Kid Buu, but Kid Buu is able to stop it and slowly pushes it back towards the exhausted Goku. Dende then uses the third wish with the Namekian Dragon to have all of Goku's strength be restored. Goku then turns Super Saiyan and overpowers Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb, causing Majin Buu to be obliterated and thus vanquished forever. Shortly before Kid Buu's destruction, Goku openly hopes that one day Kid Buu will return as a good person so that they may have a rematch. In the Other World, King Yemma hears Goku's request and makes it come true by having Kid Buu reincarnated as a Earthling named Uub. In order to settle things for good with Good Buu, Goku wishes to erase all the Earthlings' memories of Majin Buu. Mr. Satan also gives Good Buu strict orders to refrain from getting angry, no matter what.

Dragon Ball Super

God of Destruction Beerus Saga

Main article: God of Destruction Beerus Saga

Kid Buu DB Super manga chapter 1

Kid Buu as he appears in Dragon Ball Super manga

In the manga, while image training in his family's radish field, Goku pictures Kid Buu as the third opponent he faces (after Final Form Frieza and Perfect Cell). When Goku was ready to "attack" Kid Buu, his thoughts are interrupted by a shout from Goten, who was distracted by his father and almost fell down a ravine with the tractor.

In the anime, Kid Buu makes a cameo appearance in the first episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Golden Frieza Saga

Main article: Golden Frieza Saga Sorbet mentions Goku's defeat of Majin Buu to Frieza to express how strong Goku has become since he fought Frieza on Namek. Frieza, remembering his father's warning to never oppose Majin Buu, realizes how strong Goku has become, causing him to decide to train himself instead of rushing off to confront Goku as he originally planned. This shows that Frieza is aware of how dangerous Majin Buu is compared to himself and realizing how dangerous Goku has become to have defeated such a foe.

Dragon Ball GT

Baby Saga

Main article: Baby Saga


Kid Buu in Dragon Ball GT

Kid Buu makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball GT during the Baby Saga, in a retelling by Good Buu of Uub's origin before he was born, right before Good Buu and Uub fuse to create Majuub.

Shadow Dragons Saga

Kid Buu is being defeated by the Super Spirit Bomb in one of Goku's flashbacks in Until We Meet Again.

Other Dragon Ball Stories

Dragon Ball SD

Kid Buu appears in chapter 4 of Dragon Ball SD. Majin Buu turns into Kid Buu after becoming friends with Mr. Satan. Unlike the original manga/anime, Majin Buu skips Super Buu and goes straight into Kid Buu. Like in the original manga/anime, Kid Buu is killed by a Spirit Bomb.

Shin Budokai

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai While they are travelling through Hell in order to find and defeat Janemba, the heroes Vegeta, Pikkon, and Shin encounter Kid Buu, whose evil part remained in Hell while his cleaned soul became Uub. Vegeta decides to hold off Buu for as long as possible so that the others can keep going, but Buu did not let them leave, forcing Pikkon to fight him. After defeating Pikkon, Buu notices that Super Janemba has arrived. Janemba wishes to absorb Buu, so Buu decides to fight Janemba and their fight is so ferocious that Hell itself starts to crumble. Soon, Super Janemba starts to gain the upper hand.

In order to stop the fight, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta and attack Janemba, but Buu stops them, not wanting anyone to interfere. Janemba creates a fake Vegito to fight Gogeta. After Gogeta defeats Vegito, Super Janemba absorbs both the fake Vegito and Buu in order to drastically increase his power. Despite this, he is defeated and things are restored to normal, leaving Super Janemba defeated and Buu stuck in Hell with the other villains.[6]

Online and Xenoverse series

Traces of Kid Buu still exist in the Majin race that was started by Mr. Buu, and as such some Majins are capable of taking on the Pure Majin form - becoming identical to Kid Buu in every manner (save for skin color and voice), though some Majin are able to retain their "hearts" allowing them to retain their original personality and transform into their pure state at will without turning into another evil incarnation of Kid Buu. In Xenoverse 2, Good Buu reveals the transformation is dangerous for Majins as it could lead to them losing their "heart" essentially becoming another evil incarnation of Kid Buu.

In Xenoverse, Demon God Demigra uses Dark Magic to turn Dark Super Buu into Dark Kid Buu causing him to destroy the Earth, though fortunately Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Mr. Satan, and the Future Warrior escape. Dende flees with the Supreme Kais while Goku, Good Buu, Vegeta, and the Future Warrior hold off Dark Kid Buu. Goku tries to destroy the Villainous Mode empowered Kid Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb but Demigra's magic allows Dark Kid Buu to overpower it until the Future Warrior adds their energy to the Super Spirit Bomb creating the Tandem Super Spirit Bomb and assists Super Saiyan Goku in giving the attack one final push that destroys Dark Kid Buu. However later in Age 778, Demigra alters history by having his mirage revive Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu with the Dragon Balls. Demigra possesses them using Villainous Mode granting Kid Buu the final stage Villainous Mode transformation along with Frieza and Cell. However the Future Warrior defeats them with help from God-like Saiyan Goku and they are killed once again.

In Xenoverse 2, Towa uses her new Supervillain spell to turn Kid Buu into Kid Buu•Supervillain though with help from the new Future Warrior, Goku completes the Super Spirit Bomb and finishes off Kid Buu like in the original history.

Due to Kid Buu and Innocent Buu's destructive actions, in Xenoverse 2 Majin Buu and by extension the Majin are considered to be an ancient race of legendary demons according to those that have heard of Majin Buu or the Majin such Lord Slug, Hit, Beerus, and Whis. Cooler reveals that like his brother he was also warned by their father never to cross Majin Buu or Beerus showing that King Cold warned both his sons against opposing either of these two legendary figures. However, Beerus himself claims that he himself is more ancient than the ancient Majin implying he (and by extension Champa) were born before the original Majin Buu.

Dark Empire Saga

Main articles: Majin Buu: Xeno and Dark Empire Saga


Main article: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Clone Kid Buu

A Clone Kid Buu in Dragon Ball FighterZ

At some point Kid Buu's cells were collected by Dr. Gero's Supercomputer which survived in one of his many laboratories. These cells along with cells of countless fighters and brilliant researchers were incorporated into a new type of android, Android 21 who became the de facto leader of the Red Ribbon Army. Though Android 21 possessed a normally gentle and good natured personality that lead her to reconstruct Android 16 who was created in the image of her original human template's son (who was also the biological son of Dr. Gero), the cells of Majin Buu unfortunately caused her to develop an evil split personality and along with a destructive insatiable hunger. This evil personality used Dr. Gero's labs and technology to create an army of mindless clones grown from the cells of the Z Fighters, Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Cell, and even Kid Buu. However while the other clones were little more than mindless drones, the Kid Buu clones retained the original Kid Buu's personality and traits, due to the unique nature of his cells. As a result, these clones were especially dangerous as they could absorb other clones increase their power much like their creator Android 21 and the original Kid Buu. However the evil Android 21 saw all the clones only as a source of food to keep her hunger in check before she was ready to consume the Z Fighters and the villains she had revived using the Namekian Dragon Balls. In both the Super Warrior and Enemy Warrior Arcs, Android 21's evil side takes full control of 21 causing her to destroy Android 16 and become focused on completing her plan though ultimately she succumbed completely to her hunger which drove her to the point of madness, ultimately leading to her defeat and destruction.

Additionally in the Enemy Warrior Arc, the villains lead by Frieza and Cell joined forces with the Z Fighters and began targeting 21's clone food supply as a way to prevent her from growing any stronger and to force a confrontation with her. There plan succeeded causing her to seek revenge on Frieza and his allies, leading to her defeat and death due to the combined attack from Goku, Cell, and Frieza. In the Android 21 Arc, 21's good side manages to suppress her hunger and joins forces with the soul linked to Android 18, 18 herself, 17, and 16 in defeating the clones while fighting off her evil side's desire to feed. After Android 16's death result in Android 21's fission, the good Android 21, 18, and 17 join the Z Fighters in hunting down the remaining clones in the hopes of luring out the evil 21 who had absorbed the original Cell. Ultimately all the clones are destroyed and the good 21 sacrifices herself to destroy both herself and her counterpart due to her fear that her hunger would one day cause her to turn on her newfound friends. In honor of her sacrifice, Goku decides to ask King Yemma to reincarnate Android 21's soul as he had previously done by reincarnating Kid Buu into Uub.

It is strongly implied by the behavior of the Kid Buu clones, that their is an unruly aspect to Kid Buu's cells which causes both the clones unique behavior and Android 21's destructive impulses. Thus both can be seen as being the result of the genetic legacy of Kid Buu which not even the science of Dr. Gero and his supercomputer could control.

Prison Planet Saga

Main article: Prison Planet Saga In the manga, Kid Buu is one of the Ghost Warriors summoned by Hatchiyack.

What-if scenarios

Shin Budokai

In the "Potara Fusion" ending, using the Potara earrings (which Kibito Kai had Shenron repair), Goku and Vegeta use this to fuse back into Vegito in order to defeat Janemba and Buu before going to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.


Manga and Anime

Kid Buu charging a Ki Blast

Buu's power changes depending on who he absorbs. According to Goku and Vegeta, his power spikes up when he changes from Super Buu to the huge Buu but goes back down when he reverts to Kid Buu; though Goku and Vegeta underestimate him due to his size. Later, Kibito Kai commented that, while on Earth in this state, Kid Buu is more dangerous than ever due to his uncontrollable nature.

Furthermore, his sheer insanity makes him impossible to bargain or reason with, which, while difficult, was possible to accomplish with Super Buu (who is at his strongest after absorbing Gohan). While Majin Buu and Super Buu made time for small talk during combat, Kid Buu relents his assault only to taunt his opponents when they are down. His power and dangerous behavior is witnessed when he destroys entire planets for no reason and without showing any signs of remorse. Kid Buu's strongest attack - the Planet Burst - is in the anime said to be capable of destroying the Earth ten times over, which makes it so powerful that Goku notes that even he and Vegeta together would not be able to stop it.

In the anime, Goku states that, as Kid Buu, his speed and power are "on a whole other level compared to any other Buu".[7]

Kid Buu displays almost infinite stamina. Shortly after his planet-busting rampage, he battles Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta and the Good Buu one after another and manages to outlast them all without showing any obvious signs of fatigue. This is also applied to his healing abilities, as Kid Buu seems to recover at an unlimited rate, making him nigh unstoppable unless destroyed completely.

As seen in his fight, Kid Buu's raw power is roughly equal to that of Super Saiyan 3 Goku, matching him blow for blow. Though Goku claims that he could beat Kid Buu when fighting in his Super Saiyan 3 form at 100% power, he could not maintain his full power due to the form's ki consumption and thus is unable to take down Kid Buu using the form. In the anime, he even states that his attacks have stopped having any effect on Kid Buu towards the end of their battle and that Kid Buu is stronger than he could have ever imagined.

Also in the anime, when Cell witnesses Goku and Kid Buu's battle from Hell, he concludes that Buu is giving Goku a far harder fight than Cell himself had. His power was so great that he even managed to push back the Super Spirit Bomb which had the power of the entire Earths population, people from the Otherworld, Namekians, Kibito Kai, Old Kai, and Dende. It was only with the help of the Namekian Dragon Balls that restored Goku to full power in his Super Saiyan form that he was able to push it back with his own power combined with the Super Spirit Bomb.

In the anime flashback of Kibito Kai, Kid Buu is also shown to have destroyed an entire Galaxy over an unspecified period of time.

While he is incredibly powerful Kid Buu never keeps his guard up, which allows his body to be blasted apart by beings weaker than himself, as shown by how Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta was able to blow his body apart with a barrage of ki blasts.

In Dragon Ball Super manga, when Goku went to find 17, he talked to Dende who (in relation to Uub) referred to the evil Majin Buu as the most formidable opponent Goku had ever faced.

Statements by guidebooks and authors

The Daizenshuu explicitly portrays Kid Buu as weaker than the huge Buu, stating that it's only after he absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai's gentle soul that he was tamed and his power was dampened.[8]

The anime-related Dragon Book Z Vol. 7 states that he is the Buu with the greatest power.[9]

In an interview, Toriyama noted that he made Frieza and Majin Buu in their final transformations the strongest to go against people's expectations.[10]


  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.

Kid Buu fires a Ki Blast

  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave. This was the first attack Kid Buu used in the series. Although a basic attack, when used by Kid Buu it still had enough power to destroy a planet the size of the Earth.

Kid Buu absorbs South Supreme Kai

  • Absorption – Kid Buu fully engulfs and takes an opponent into his body to cause an increase in physical and mental prowess. Kid Buu usually has a severed body part liquefy, or he has a piece of skin fall off of his body. The goo will then sneak up behind the person, and stretch itself to be large enough to accommodate the target. The goo will then leap onto the person. The goo will try to smother as much of the target as it can on the first strike to make the capture easier. If Kid Buu is lucky, the goo will completely cover the target on the first leap. Once the goo is on the person, it will quickly cover up any part of the person that was not covered during when it first leaped. Once the target is completely covered, the goo will squeeze and solidify, trapping the person. It is seemingly impossible to escape the goo, no matter what the circumstances (such as Piccolo, who the goo took a long time to cover due to his armor). Kid Buu will then raise his finger up, and the goo will then launch up into the air with the person inside of it. The goo will then fly straight into Kid Buu and cover him. During the transformation, Kid Buu will become liquid himself, meaning that he is basically taking over the goo and has surrounded the person with his own liquefied body. He then begins to meld back into a solid form, making sure the person is in the center of the goo. The person is shrunken and is put inside Kid Buu's body in a pod. Kid Buu absorbed the Southern Supreme and Grand Supreme Kai many years ago and was transformed into Innocent Buu as a result.
Kid Buu giant form

Kid Buu enlarges his fist to attack Vegeta

  • Body Manipulation – Kid Buu has complete control over the movements and functions of his flesh, muscles, veins, etc. being able to move with remarkable grace, athletic and acrobatic skill. He can control his flesh and blood to move at command, which allows him to take control over his motions, augment himself. He has full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, allowing for immense flexibility and agility, and limited shape-shifting.
  • Mimicry – Buu can gather and assimilate any kind of knowledge and understand it fully and instantaneously, It allows Buu to instantly and perfectly perform any skill or ability he saw. This explains how he knew Kai Kai because he saw Kibito Kai perform it. This ability is shared by all versions of Buu. The limit of this ability is unknown, but he has learned such abilities like the Kamehameha, Instantaneous Movement, and a skill used by Vegeta (learned by Innocent Buu). Even in death, this ability is retained by Kid Buu's reincarnate Uub, as Vegeta stated that Uub was learning to fight Goku as he was fighting. In Dragon Ball Online, it is implied that this ability was inherited by Good Buu's Majin descendants allowing them to instantly learn techniques such as the Kaio-ken.

Kid Buu in his pre-regeneration state

  • Regeneration – He can regenerate his body at a sub-molecular level, allowing him to survive anything; however. His regeneration plus his endless resilience and stamina granted him immortality; he is shown to be able to survive the blast of a planet exploding (demonstrated when he uses his Planet Burst to destroy the Earth and other planets while still on them). However, it is shown during the fight between Vegito and Super Buu that even the regeneration has its limits; after repeatedly being blow to bits and pounded into oblivion, Buu had to exert more and more effort to restore himself, at one point failing completely for a moment and leaving a gaping hole in his stomach. Kid Buu's regeneration is used to illustrate the Super Regeneration on a card in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

Kid Buu chokes Vegeta, using the Mystic Attack

  • Mystic Attack – The ability to extend his arms or legs. Kid Buu uses this to attack Vegeta, enlarging his fist and then Vegeta to choking him. He also uses the Mystic Attack in video games, and is notably shown using it to grab Gotenks by the neck in the opening of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.
  • Unknown, unfathomable power – Buu possess an odd ki signature that makes it hard to tell how strong Buu really is. Whether Buu's power level is incredible, or not that much is unknown even by Majin Buu.[11]
  • Kamehameha – A technique copied when Goku used it. Kid Buu uses the attack on Goku during their battle on the sacred planet of the Kais.
    • Majin Kamehameha – Buu's version of the Kamehameha.
    • Super Kamehameha – The upgraded version of Kamehameha. Unlike his regular Kamehameha it is blue in color.
    • Warp Kamehameha – A combo attack where Kid Buu launches a Planet Burst at his opponent, and then fires a Super Kamehameha at them. Used in the Budokai series.
  • Mystic Shoot - Kid Buu's signature attack in the Raging Blast series.
    • Electric Shock – Kid Buu creates electricity on his body and then channels it through his arms to shock his opponent. Used in combination with the Mystic Attack to torture Vegeta.
  • Mystic Ball Attack – Buu curls himself up into a ball with his legs above his back and his feet below his chin and flies around using himself as a weapon to crash into enemies. Kid Buu used this technique against Super Saiyan 3 Goku only in the anime, and in video games.
  • Mystic Combination – A rush attack he used against Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Named in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Kid Buu prepares a finger beam


Kid Buu uses a Vanishing Beam on planet Alpha

  • Vanishing Beam – A technique used many times by Majin Buu and is his signature technique. It is usually an average-sized, pink or purple beam fired from the palm. It also has enough power to destroy a planet the size of Earth.

Huge Buu's Gack!

  • Gack! – Kid Buu fires a powerful energy blast from his mouth. He first used it in his Huge Buu form against the Eastern Supreme Kai, who was saved from it by the Grand Supreme Kai. He later used it in his original form against Goku and Vegeta.
  • Antenna Beam – A technique where Kid Buu fires an energy wave of unknown properties from his antenna. Kid Buu attempts to use the attack on Super Saiyan 3 Goku, though Goku just manages to dodge out of the way of the attack.
  • Mad Kill Spike – Buu fires many ki waves at at the opponent. Kid Buu has his own unique version during which he splits into hundreds of Kid Buus that fire Continuous Energy Bullet, creating a monsoon of energy waves. Named in the Budokai series, where Kid Buu uses Continuous Energy Bullets without splitting.
  • Nightmare Impact – Nightmare Impact is a rush attack Kid Buu used against Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta on the Supreme Kai's planet. Named in the Raging Blast series.

Kid Buu uses Pearl Flash

  • Pearl Flash – An attack used by Kid Buu against Good Buu in which he surrounds himself in energy and rushes forward like a rocket. This attack vaporized Good Buu's neck and up, but he regenerated.
  • Planet Burst – A massive energy sphere created by Kid Buu by collecting energy in his right palm, more than enough to destroy a planet the size of Earth, and stated by Goku to have enough power to destroy Earth ten times over in a single shot. It was used to not only destroy Earth, but many other planets, as Kid Buu sought out the place where Goku and Vegeta were hiding. This technique is called Vanishing Ball in the Budokai series, and was named Planet Burst in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. In the Budokai series, Kid Buu uses a version called Warp Kamehameha where he fires a Kamehameha push the ball to the opponent. It is also called Death Ball, only in the first Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. It appears as an Ultimate Skill under the name Super Vanishing Ball in Xenoverse series.

Kid Buu uses the Shocking Ball

    • Shocking Ball – Kid Buu uses a smaller version of the Planet Burst on Grand Kai's planet against Pikkon, Olibu, Krillin, Yamcha, and many other fighters. Named in the Raging Blast games, where it appears as on of Kid Buu's Super Attacks. It appears as a Super Skill under the name Vanishing Ball in the Xenoverse series.
      • Teleporting Vanishing Ball - Kid Buu creates a medium sized Planet Burst in front of himself with both hands, then uses an unspecified teleportation technique (it is unclear if it is Kai Kai or Instant Transmission) to appear near the opponent and throws the Planet Burst all at them.
  • Baked Sphere – A dark explosive wave utilized by Villainous Mode Kid Buu.
  • Mighty Powerful God Shockwave – The user charges blue energy in his left hand, and then rushes and fires it towards the opponent. Used by Buu (w/ Southern Supreme Kai absorbed) in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Shin Gekiretsu Shin'ou'hou – An immensely powerful and huge beam of energy at the enemy, which is originally Kibito Kai's ultimate attack. Used by Buu (w/ Kibito Kai absorbed) in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Demon Eye – A spell where the user summons a slimy substance capable of exploding a target. Used by Buu (w/ Babidi absorbed) in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Portal Opening - After Dark Demon God Buu absorbs Evil Demon Janemba, he becomes capable of using Janemba's portal ability for both combat and movement purposes, and can even using his portals to time travel, going from Age 774 to Age 762.

Kid Buu's Assault Rain

  • Assault Rain – A technique originally used by Super Buu. Kid Buu was first shown using this attack in the opening movies for Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout and the first Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. He also uses it in the video games Final Bout, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, and Dragon Ball FighterZ.
    • Double Blast – A barrage of ki blasts used to torture Goku when he was unable to throw the Spirit Bomb since Kid Buu was holding Vegeta hostage. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • Candy Beam – A technique originally used by Majin Buu. Kid Buu uses this attack to turn opponents into a gumball and chew them before spitting them out in Dragon Ball FighterZ.
  • Crazy Smash – Kid Buu kicks the opponent up in the air, then he kicks and punches them down again, and finally Kid Buu kicks his opponent in the back when he is down. Used in the Budokai series.
  • Massacre of the Billions and Millions of Bountiful Mini Bitty Malliciously Baneful Majin Buus – Kid Buu splits into many Kid Buus and they all fire energy waves. Used against Goku, and later Vegeta. Named in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.
  • Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack – Used by Kid Buu in Dragon Ball Z: Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha - Ora to Omee to Scouter.
  • Savage Rush – A High Speed Rush finished with a Kiai. Used in the Budokai series.
  • Vanishing Drop – Kid Buu kicks the opponent up and grabs them in mid-air to perform a spinning piledriver. Used in the Budokai series.
  • Elastic Tentacle – Kid Buu uses his head tentacle to attack his opponent.
  • Kai Kai – Kid Buu teleports himself to a location of his choosing. Kid Buu learned this technique by watching Kibito Kai perform it. In the anime, this technique is called "Instant Transmission". It is one of his Blast 1 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.
  • Sleep – Despite having seemingly endless stamina, Kid Buu does need to rest from time to time. Evidence of that was shown when he fell asleep while Goku and Vegeta played Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who would fight him first. This is probably due to his galactic destruction spree before he managed to track down his targets. Another scene of him taking a break is while he was beating on Good Buu. He stopped, sat down, and exhaled an exhausted sigh before he continued his beating. It is one of his Blast 1 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. In the Xenoverse series it appears under the name Quick Sleep and is one of Kid Buu's Super Skills.
Buu orb technique 4 (BT)

Kid Buu's black orb

  • Unnamed Black Orb technique – An unnamed technique which Kid Buu uses in the opening of Budokai Tenkaichi, Kid Buu raises his arm into the air, shooting multiple beams which hit Cell, the Cell Jrs., Piccolo, Ultimate Gohan, and Frieza, and then Kid Buu create a massive black orb and charges at the opponent. Goku defeats him with a Kamehameha, breaking through the orb.
  • Paralyzing Gaze – Buu narrows his eyes and stares at his foe, and due to his raw power the foe is rendered almost completely immobile. Only works on foes who are much weaker than he is.
  • Cloning – Buu is capable of creating at least twelve clones of himself in order to aid him in battle against an opponent.
  • Fake Shot - A technique where Buu thrusts his leg through the ground then has his foot erupt from the ground to kick the opponent. Was named in Dragon Ball Fusions where it appears as one of Kid Buu's Special Moves. In the Xenoverse series, if performed in the air or on an opponent in the air the Buu will create portals which the thrusts his leg through instead of the ground.
    • Trick Shot - A stronger version of Fake Shot which can be learned as a Special Move by Kid Buu in Dragon Ball Fusions.
      • Mystic Shot - An even stronger version of Fake Shot that is stronger than Trick Shot which Kid Buu can learn at level 15 in Dragon Ball Fusions.

South Supreme Kai absorbed


Buu with South Supreme Kai absorbed

A form seen briefly in a few panels of the manga and an anime flashback, and which is referred to by Old Kai as Huge Majin Buu (でかい魔人ブウ Dekai Majin Bū).[12] Kid Buu absorbs South Supreme Kai, creating a taller and incredibly muscular version of the creature. In addition, Buu's antenna also grows significantly larger. In this form his voice also changes from the previously high-pitched voice Kid Buu had, though he still does not talk much (apart from yells and grunts similar to Kid Buu). After a second absorption of the plump and good-natured Daikaioh, Buu gains the deceptively harmless and childlike form first seen in the series. It is stated that Huge Buu is stronger than Super Buu (without any adsorptions), as when he was transforming into this form, Goku notes that his ki was increasing and, in the anime, expressed concern when Huge Buu seemed to grow a lot stronger until his size and power quickly dropped as he transformed into Kid Buu.

Super Buu's biography in the first Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi identifies the form as the one taken by the original Majin Buu after absorbing the South Supreme Kai as the Super Buu form, though after everyone is freed from inside him, Super Buu does take a similar appearance just before he fully transforms into Kid Buu. When Kid Buu charges energy or uses specific combos in Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, he buffs up into a form similar to the form he took when he absorbed the South Supreme Kai. The form is playable in Dragon Ball Heroes.

In Dragon Ball Heroes it is simply called South Supreme Kai absorbed (南の界王神吸収 Minami no kaiōshin kyūshū, lit. "Southern God of the Kings of the Worlds absorbed")

Innocent Buu Main article: Innocent Buu

Buu Buu

Majin Buu with Daikaioh absorbed

Innocent Buu (魔人ブウ (無邪気))[13] is the form Kid Buu takes after absorbing Daikaioh, which results in the childlike fat Majin Buu much less evil and weaker than the original Buu due to the innocence of the Grand Supreme Kai's soul. In this form, Buu becomes calmer and easier to control.[4] This is the form Bibidi sealed Majin Buu inside of a cocoon, and the form in which Buu is resurrected by Babidi after many chains of events. He loves to eat and has childlike innocence, but becomes near unstoppable when angry.[4] He eventually fissions into Good Buu and Evil Buu.

Super Buu Main article: Super Buu


Super Buu the result of Buu's evil resurfacing

Super Buu (超ブウ Chō Bū), also called Majin Buu (Evil) (じんブウ (あく Majin Bū (Aku)), is the result of Evil Buu absorbing Good Buu. He is essentially the same entity as Innocent Buu, but with Buu's true evil persona having dominance over Grand Supreme Kai's innocence, but he retains the intelligence of the Grand Supreme Kai. In the series Super Buu absorbs several Z Fighters and gains their power and abilities. Due to absorbing several Z Fighters Super Buu changes his appearance such as when Super Buu absorbs both Gotenks and Piccolo, he wears Gotenks' vest until his strength defuses, and he transforms, and wears Piccolo's cloak plus the upper clothes which is pointed side ways. Also when he absorbs Gohan, he wears his gi and dark blue undershirt which is similar to that of Goku.

Uub Main article: Uub


Buu's reincarnation: Uub

Uub is the good reincarnated version of Kid Buu.[14] Right when Goku defeated Kid Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb, he told Kid Buu that he hoped that he would come back someday as a better person, so that they could fight again. King Yemma overheard Goku's desire and had Kid Buu reincarnated into a Human form named Uub. Goku fights him at the World Martial Arts Tournament ten years later. Goku then takes him away to train with him so that Goku would have an apprentice who could protect the Earth.

Uub possess the evil Majin Buu hidden inside his being, and is able to tap into his power, though at the time of his debut he could not control it.[3]

Later, in the anime continuation Dragon Ball GT, Uub has fully learned how to tap into Kid Buu's power, and later on he fuses with Good Buu in order to obtain a new more powerful form referred to as Majuub (スーパーウーブ Sūpā Ūbu, lit. "Super Oob").

Kibito Kai absorbed


Buu with Kibito Kai absorbed card for Dragon Ball Heroes

The form Buu takes after absorbing Kibito Kai. It appears in Dragon Ball Heroes since the third mission of the Jaaku Mission series (JM3). While in this state Kid Buu's clothes are replaced with Kibito Kai's, and he gains the ability to use Kibito Kai's most powerful attack: the Shin Gekiretsu Shin'ou'hou.

Babidi absorbed

Bobbidi Boo

Buu with Babidi absorbed

The form Buu takes after absorbing Babidi. The form is seen in Dragon Ball Heroes. It is playable in the latter game since the fifth mission of Jaaku Mission series (JM5). This absorption gives Buu increased magical abilities, including the ability to use Biribiri Sorcery.

Villainous Mode Main articles: Dark Magic and Villainous Mode

Dark Kid Buu

Dark Kid Buu

After being revived in Age 778 by Demigra in Xenoverse, Kid Buu is possessed and gains this Dark Magic transformation which acts as the final stage for Villainous Mode. Kid Buu gains a dark purple aura, glowing red eyes, and black markings around his eyes. This form is playable in Xenoverse, while in Xenoverse 2 it appears as a random unplayable enemy in certain Expert Missions.

Supervillain Main articles: Dark Magic and Supervillain

Kid Buu (Supervillain) XV2 Scan

Kid Buu•Supervillain

This form is the result of Towa's Dark Magic spell which shaves off life to grant greater power. In Xenoverse 2, Kid Buu obtains this form during the final battle of the Majin Buu conflict. In this form, Kid Buu's skin becomes a pale metallic color, his eyes glow pink, and he gains a glowing Time Breaker symbol on his forehead. He also emits a black & white aura. This form is playable in Xenoverse 2 under the name Kid Buu•Supervillain.

Main article: Fission Good Buu Main article: Good Buu

Majin Buu

Good Buu

Once Innocent Buu expels Evil Buu, he becomes pure good, but loses most of his power. The fat Majin Buu, who is now named Good Buu (じんブウ (ぜん Majin Bū (Zen)),[13] or Mr. Buu (ミスターブウ Misutā Bū),[15] has a brief fight with Evil Buu in which he is greatly outclassed and ultimately absorbed through ingestion, allowing Evil Buu to become Super Buu. Though he is weak compared to Evil Buu and Kid Buu, his power is still immense compared to most other characters in the series as demonstrated by his ability to actually hold his own in a fight with Kid Buu. Once he is absorbed, all of the Kai's influence goes into his being, allowing Super Buu to be uninhibited by any form of good, with the exception of Good Buu's memories of Mr. Satan and Bee, which stops Super Buu from attacking them on multiple occasions.

After re-fusing into Super Buu, Good Buu basically represents all the power gained by Kid Buu through the absorption of the Supreme Kais. Once this power is removed from Super Buu, he transforms back into Kid Buu. During the battle with Kid Buu, the Majin spits out Good Buu to stop any good influence from being in his body. Later, after Kid Buu is defeated, Good Buu is called Mr. Buu by the main cast (excepting one notable instance in the Nekomajin manga, where he still refers to himself as "Majin Buu" while he was on a walk from Satan City); although Buu is the same as the fat Buu on the outside, he is noticeably different on the inside. He no longer widens his eyes in fits of anger. All the evil tendencies seen in Innocent Buu are gone and he is now pure good.

Evil Buu

Main article: Evil Buu


Evil Buu

This form represents all of the evil inside Buu. Unlike the other forms Evil Buu is very skinny also his whole body is gray in color, unlike the other forms of Buu which are pink. Because he took most of the power during the fission, the evil Buu's power outmatched the Good Buu and managed to absorb him after a brief battle and form Super Buu.

Miss Buu

Main article: Miss Buu This fission was created by Good Buu after reading the adult book Bob & Margaret which caused Buu to long for love and resulted in him creating the first female Majin, Miss Buu via fission using ideas on females he obtained Bob & Margaret. Miss Buu takes the form of a slender blue-skinned female Majin.

Unlike Evil Buu, Miss Buu was good natured like Mr. Buu and the two eventually became husband and wife. Wanting children like Earthling couples had, Miss Buu and Mr. Buu used Bob & Margaret to gain ideas resulting in the development of the Love-Love Beam technique which lead to the birth of their first child, Baby Buu. Eventually their family grew resulting in the beginnings of the Majin race on Earth. Though she was created after Kid Buu's defeat, her and Majin Buu's descendant carry within them Kid Buu's dormant power which though diluted over time can still be accessed by their descendants via the Pure Majin form.

Appearances in other media

Dr. Slump remake


Kid Buu's manga version in the Dr. Slump remake

In the 1997 remake of Dr. Slump, Kid Buu appears from Senbei Norimaki's Reality Machine fighting Goku due to Arale Norimaki putting the last volume of the Dragon Ball manga, "Goodbye, Dragon World", into it. His appearance is white and black due to him being created from the manga.

Video Game Appearances

Budokai 2 16

Kid Buu in Budokai 2

Kid Buu Tenkaichi 3

Kid Buu in Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Pure Majin DBO

A Pure Majin in Dragon Ball Online

Voice Actors


Pre-Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
  • Kid Buu vs. Pikkon and Olibu (Anime only)
  • Kid Buu vs. Krillin (Anime only)
  • Kid Buu vs. Krillin and Yamcha (Anime only)
  • Kid Buu vs. Goku (Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3)
  • Kid Buu vs. Vegeta (anime only)
  • Kid Buu vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 3)
  • Kid Buu vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Kid Buu vs. Mr. Satan
  • Kid Buu vs. Good Buu
  • Kid Buu vs. Good Buu and Mr. Satan
  • Kid Buu vs. Good Buu
  • Kid Buu vs. Vegeta
  • Kid Buu vs. Good Buu (anime only)
  • Kid Buu vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan)
Dragon Ball Super
  • Kid Buu, Cell (Perfect Form), and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan) (Image training; Manga only)

List of characters killed by Kid Buu

  • Alpha-seijin - Many were killed easily by Kid Buu, and the rest of them were killed when he blew up Planet Alpha.
  • West Supreme Kai - Killed when Kid Buu blasted her in the back.
  • North Supreme Kai - Killed by Kid Buu's Vanishing Beam.
  • Gohan - Killed when Kid Buu blew up Earth.
  • Goten - Killed when Kid Buu blew up Earth.
  • Trunks - Killed when Kid Buu blew up Earth.
  • Piccolo - Killed when Kid Buu blew up Earth.
  • Tien Shinhan - Killed when Kid Buu blew up Earth.
  • Chiaotzu - Killed when Kid Buu blew up Earth.
  • Korin - Killed when Kid Buu blew up Earth.
  • Yajirobe - Killed when Kid Buu blew up Earth.
  • Many extraterrestrials - Killed when Kid Buu blew up a number of planets after destroying Earth and regenerating.


  • In the manga, Kid Buu does not have any fingers besides the small index finger, but, in the anime and video-games, he has the regular four fingers and a thumb.
  • Kid Buu and Frieza are the only villains seen destroying planets by hitting the planet's core. They are also the only villains to have directly destroyed the Earth, though Frieza's destruction of the Earth was undone by Whis' Temporal Do-Over while the Earth was later restored using the Earth's Dragon Balls.
  • Kid Buu is the only villain in the original manga that Goku actually defeated (and killed) by using the Spirit Bomb.
  • It is revealed that King Cold knew about Kid Buu as he warned Frieza never to fight with God of Destruction Beerus and Majin Buu.
  • In Super Janemba's ending in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai's arcade mode, Super Janemba and Kid Buu are shown to be able to understand each other's words, and they even become friends.
    • In Xenoverse 2, Kid Buu and Janemba also become partners in the parallel timeline featured in Parallel Quest 57: "Hell is a Picture?" where they end up turning hell into their playground, only to be confronted by Gogeta and the Future Warrior.
  • In Xenoverse 2, it is revealed by Good Buu when he offers to train the Majin Future Warrior to help them unlock their Pure Majin form, he warns them that there is a risk they may lose their "heart" if they try to achieve it which if it occurred would cause them to effectively turn into another incarnation of Kid Buu. However the Future Warrior manages to retain their heart allowing them to transform into their Pure Majin form at will while maintaining their personality and sanity.
  • In Shin Budokai - Another Road, as a joke, the World Tournament Announcer understands all of the sounds Kid Buu makes as words, which surprises and confuses Vegeta and Goku.
  • In the Mandarin and FUNimation dub, both Super Buu and Kid Buu are voiced by two different people whereas in almost every other dub the voice actor remains the same.
  • In some of the fan-subbed Dragon Ball Z episodes from the 90's, Kid Buu is referred to as Pure Evil Boo, even though the only Majin who is pure evil is Evil Buu.
  • In Dragon Ball GT, when Kid Buu makes a cameo appearance, his eyes are white despite them being red originally.


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