Fabulous New Queer Zines

Fierce & Fabulous has just released 2 news zines to spread insurrectionary queer fervour to the deviant masses, and they cutely enough are looking fabulous. We have been doing the book-fair circuit with the zines but are looking for queermo’s across turtle island who are interested in using them to spread a fierce queer politic in their city.

You can get a copy today by ordering from our deviant comrades, Kersplebedeb: https://www.leftwingbooks.net/ who are distroing our shit.

Or if you have been waiting for awesome looking zines that people are dying to pick up, and trust us, these are hard to ignore, then drop us a line e-mail: fierce.n.fabulous1969@gmail.com. We are looking for queers who are interested in getting bulk orders 20+ to distro in your cities, we can offer whole sale prices, we just want people to read them.

Stay tuned in the future for our zine series on Queer Riots in North America, another great way of showing our crews just what queers can do.

Queers Read This

Size: 8 X 6.5″, Colour cover/insert, full bleed, 20 Pages

From the back cover:

Queers Read This is for you when your pissed that our voices are only heard when talking in the “Gay Marriage Debate”. That our only representation on Television is dressing up fashion disasters or planning straight weddings.

Queers Read This is for when you hear chilling statistics like 100% of trans women in U.S. Prisons are sexually assaulted or raped, often by the prison staff. When your furious that the AIDS crisis didn’t “end” in the 90’s and people (read queers) are dying preventable deaths, or that way to many trans folk wind up in jail for “possession of illegal street drugs” when those drugs are the same drugs that a doctor wont prescribe them to help them transition.

Queers Read This is for you when your hoppin’ mad, or when you don’t get why those Queers are so pissed off…

Queers read this is for you…

Queers Read This was distributed originally as a leaflet at the June, 1990 Pride march in New York City.

For the 20th Anniversary of this leaflet, we offer you this piece of our history. The cultural references in this pamphlet are, at times, outdated and U.S. Centric, but the rage is timeless.”

Men Against Sexism

Size: 8 X 4″, Colour cover/insert, full bleed, 20 Pages

From the back cover:

Men Against Sexism was made up of almost entirely queer and trans prisoners. They successfully changed a whole culture within Walla Walla prison where rape and ownership over queer/ trans prisoners went from being a power and status symbol to a reason to fear for your life.

Their work had a ripple effect to all the other prisons in the North West and 10 years later, according to MAS member Ed Mead, there were no more instances of rape within Walla Walla.

Men Against Sexism was a revolutionary queer and trans, poor and racialized group arming themselves with a solid class, gender and race analysis, along with guns, to make prisons safer for queer and trans prisoners from the inside out.

This is their story.


~ by The Fierce & Fabulous Krew on January 17, 2012.

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