Amy Reeder


Artist: Madame Xanadu, Batwoman, Halloween Eve, Rocket Girl. Co-writer and and cover artist: Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur.

New York, NY
Joined July 2010


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    Aug 6

    CALL FOR ENTRIES! Showing off your new comic at ? Share it at , 's new comics showcase! I'll be hosting his fun & fast-paced forum with and ! DM me with your comic if you want to participate! Details pinned on my profile.

  2. Aug 6

    My Spider-Girls #1 variant cover, out in October! Written by Houser, interior art by Andres Genolet.

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    Aug 2

    Remember 's fantastic variant cover for Marvel Legacy #1? Well, here's another version of it but with pregnant Jess.

  4. Jul 30

    Admiring a good action shot.

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    Jul 27

    My kids got to pick a free book as part of our local library's summer reading program and scored a Moon Girl tpb! Kids need libraries. Libraries need comics. Comics need Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur!!

  6. Jul 26

    Happy birthday, ! She's a drag queen/ TV personality who's been hosting these weekly Knit @ Nite get togethers I go to that are way too much fun. I designed a life-size banner of Brini to help celebrate her birthday. She was a blast to draw!

  7. Jul 23

    An example of right-brained thinking: I keep forgetting the name of Sharp Objects and calling it Broken Glass hahaha

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    Jul 20
    , , and 6 others
  9. Jun 29

    What if green aliens visited us and they were super chill and nice BUT their flesh looked and tasted like watermelon flesh?

  10. Jun 29

    I think we solved that mystery...

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  11. Jun 29

    The song "Oh Sherry" is by Steve Perry. If Sherrie married Steve and changed her name, it would be "Sherry Perry".

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  12. Jun 28

    New Handmaid's Tale was stressful as hell!! My poor I love that show but it hurts.

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    I have nothing but utter love for Moon Girl, her family and Devil Dinosaur. Issue 32 is the start of a new storyline putting her against Kingpin’s daughter! Terrific work by by &

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    Jun 27

    If you picked up Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #32 like a lot of people did today, show me your coloring page! This was very relaxing to do

  15. Jun 27

    Tamra is so majorly talented. Seeing her over the various artists who draw Moon Girl, you start to realize how much she is contributing to the look and feel of it all. Thanks for all the love you give the book!

  16. Jun 27

    Appointment waiting means phone doodles for you!

  17. Jun 26

    Someone is playing KC and Jojo's All My Life on the trumpet out on the street and I recognized it from the intro.

  18. Jun 26
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  19. Jun 26

    Hey , I'm bummed no one thought to include me in your exhibit!

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    Jun 25

    Dig this anti-smoking issue of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur from ⁦⁩ and ⁦⁩. I have long championed this series and will teach again in my MCS 275 Comics Studies class this Fall at DePaul. (Creases courtesy of my daughter... well read!)


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