"Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story" Poster and 1st Trailer Introduces Five New Protagonists

Tetsuo Yajima newly takes the director's chair in place of the previous 20 film's Kunihiko Yuyama

The official Japanese website for the upcoming 21st Pokémon anime feature film Pocket Monster: Minna no Monogatari/Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story is today updated with a new poster visual introducing its five protagonists, along with Satoshi and Pikachu.


Poster visual


The story continues from the 20th film Kimi ni Kimeta!/I Choose You! released in July 2017. It is set in

Fuura City, where the people have lived with the wind and have received the merciful wind from the legendary

Pokémon Lugia. When the annual "Wind Festival" is held in the city, Satoshi meets the five characters.


The five are:

  • Lisa: a high school girl who is an absolute Pokémon beginner
  • Kagachi: a braggart who can't stop lying
  • Torito: a timid researcher who can't have confident in himself
  • Hisui: an eccentric old lady who hates Pokémon 
  • Largo: a mysterious girl


While their voice cast members have not yet been revealed, you can check their voices in the first 80-second

trailer also posted today below.


30-second new teaser


In place of 65-year-old Kunihiko Yuyama, who directed the previous 20 Pokémon films since 1998,

33-year-old Tetsuo Yajima (Pocket Monsters: XY TV series) newly takes the director's chair. Yuyama

is still attached with the new film as animation supervisor. 


Pocket Monster: Minna no Monogatari/Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story is set for a release in

Japan on July 13, 2018.



Source: "Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story" official website


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(c)2018 Pikachu Project


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