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The Peaceful World Saga[1] is the epilogue saga of Dragon Ball Z, taking place ten years after the end of the Kid Buu Saga. It is usually treated as part of the Kid Buu Saga, but was marked as a saga in its own right as part of Dragon Ball SSSS' 30th Anniversary Timeline.[2] In Japan, it aired in January 1996 and it aired in the United States in April 2003.


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Party Time

Gohan, his brother, and his mom

Gohan, Goten, and Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi, Gohan, and Goten prepare to go to Bulma's house for a barbecue, but Goku is nowhere to be found. As Chi-Chi's anger rises, Goku is having troubles of his own. While waiting to witness the hatching of four pterosaur eggs, troubles arise casting him into the role of the egg protector.

Once at the party, everybody begins to show up, including, Dende, Mr. Satan, and Good Buu. Everyone seems to be enjoying the food, music, and each other's company until Goku is mentioned. Right then, the party comes to a halt, and everyone's face is downcast. Meanwhile, Goku braves many dangers and keeps the pterosaur eggs safe until they hatch.

2011-12-04 223522

Gohan and Goku while Chi-Chi yells at the latter

Goku remembers the party right afterward, and he gets there just as the party is coming to an end. While initially angry at Goku, Chi-Chi and Bulma get all the food and party supplies back out, because they feel Goku should get to participate in the party as well. At the end of the episode, everyone is sitting, listening to Goku tell about the eggs and how great it was to see the new baby pterosaur be born.

Saying Goodbye

Goku and Vegeta enddbz

Vegeta and Goku.

Ten years after the defeat of Kid Buu in the Kid Buu Saga, many of the Z Fighters have made new changes. Bulma and Vegeta have a daughter named Bulla. Goten and Trunks have grown into strong teenagers. Gohan has become a scholar, is married to Videl and they have a daughter named Pan. At the World Martial Arts Tournament, the Z Fighters meet a ten-year-old boy called Uub. This boy is the reincarnation of Kid Buu, born from the wish Goku made before killing Kid Buu. Goku asks Majin Buu to change the numbers so Goku would be matched with Uub. Goku and Uub begin to fight and it is clear that Uub has great potential. As they fight, Goku mocks Uub several times to see his true potential, which works. Goku cuts the match short by suggesting he train Uub. Goku asks Uub if after he is trained they can have a rematch.


Uub and his new mentor, Goku, fly off to his village in the series' finale

Uub agrees and Goku feels excited, with the challenge and with the chance to become stronger. Before leaving once again, Goku bids farewell to his family and friends, and tells Vegeta that he looks forward to another fight. Although the tournament is technically suspended because Goku and Uub did not finish their match, Trunks, Goten and Pan spar, with Pan defeating Goten, and Trunks holding her arm in victory. The series ends with Goku and Uub flying towards their destination, but the story is continued in the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga of Dragon Ball GT.

Anime and Manga differences

  • Bulma holding a barbeque party at Capsule Corporation and Goku being late due to watching over the birth of several Pterosaur is exclusive to the anime.
  • Unlike the manga, the anime shows Goku sparring with Goten briefly before Bulma and Vegeta come up to them.
  • Goku and Pan having some fun whilst at the World Martial Arts Tournament, such as getting Ice Cream and winning a stuffed bear are exclusive to the anime.
  • In the manga, the fight between Goku and Uub was very brief and only four pages long. In the anime, it is extended for most of the episode.
  • In the manga, Goku says goodbye and then promptly leaves. In the anime, he first hugs Pan and tells her he will visit her, tells Goten and Trunks to train hard and apologises to Vegeta for not being able to fight him though he is forgiven as they'd need a planet for their battle.
  • In the manga, Pan never fights Goten.


Major characters

Supporting characters

Battles featured

  • Goku vs. Snake (anime only)
  • T-Rex vs. Triceratops (anime only)
  • Goku vs. Goten (training)
  • Pan vs. Wild Tiger
  • Goku vs. Uub
  • Pan vs. Goten (anime only)


Funimation VHS/DVD Volumes

  • Kid Buu Saga - A New Beginning (273-276)

Funimation Remastered DVD Sets

Funimation Dragon Box Sets

Funimation Season Blu-ray Sets

Manga Chapters

Chapter # Title
517 "A Happy Ending... And Then..."
518 "10 Years After"
519 "Farewell, Dragon World!"

Episode list

Dragon Ball Z (4 episodes)

Ep# Title
288 "He's Always Late"
289 "Granddaughter Pan"
290 "Buu's Reincarnation"
291 "Goku's Next Journey"

Dragon Ball Z Kai (2 episodes)

Ep# Title
166 "And So, Ten Years Later... A Long-Awaited World Martial Arts Tournament!"
167 "Even Stronger! Goku's Dream is Never-Ending!"

Video Games

The events of this saga are covered in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series, and Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World.


  • The dialogue where Chi-Chi argues with Bulma is changed a lot in North American dub. In the Japanese version, Yamcha reinforces Chi-Chi's comment that she is very pretty today and she says "that makes it sound like I'm usually not pretty, doesn't it" causing everyone to laugh. In the FUNimation dub, Yamcha asks Chi-Chi and Bulma if they are interested in him and Chi-Chi quips that she does not want a downgrade making everyone laugh at Yamcha. Also, Chi-Chi's comment that she would like Vegeta as a husband is unique to the North American dub.
  • At only four episodes long this is the shortest saga in the entire franchise.



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