Mahmud Asrar


Comic book artist. Currently working for Marvel.

Vienna, Austria
Joined August 2009


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  1. 9 hours ago
  2. 15 hours ago

    For the curious: I don’t have one, but rather two secret books coming out down the line.

  3. Aug 6

    Clone Wars Season 4 was pretty bad ass. Built up nicely towards the end too. Looking forward to the next season.

  4. Aug 6

    I can't believe the page I've just drawn the layout to. I think it will be one of the rare ones that I will keep for myself.

  5. Retweeted
    Aug 5

    On certain days like today, this panel gives me hope and strength. Thank you and for creating an exceptionally relevant and timely X-Men book.

  6. Aug 5

    Just found out Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) died. Very sad news.

  7. Aug 5

    It’s super-annoying that ‘s sharing is broken. Whenever I share something to FB & Tumblr it posts multiple times.

  8. Aug 5

    Snowbat A quick cool down sketch based on a quick sketch I did at a show.

  9. Retweeted
    Aug 3

    Favs from the collection: REY Star Wars TFA Sketch by

  10. Aug 3

    Having jagged line issues on Clip Studio Paint. Anybody know anything about all that? Dual monitor Win 10 PC.

  11. Retweeted
    Aug 2

    And one more ICYMI I also talked at the end of last week about and 's hidden gem of an run from 2014 at !

  12. Aug 2

    Cloak & Dagger #3 Cover Drawn by me, coloured by ⁦

  13. Aug 2

    Humankind has endlessly pondered these two questions: 1- How did life begin? 2- How much does a comic book creator earn?

  14. Aug 1

    This is the Summer Of B.O.

  15. Jul 31
  16. Jul 31

    Clip Studio Paint question: "Decoration" brushes are gone. I mean they're there but they're all circles instead of the respective brushes (cross-hatching, patterns, etc.) Any ideas?

  17. Jul 31

    Dual monitor PC setup question: How do I preserve an idle monitor? Say I'm watching something on one and the other one is idle and I don't want it to use energy and shorten it's life span.

  18. Jul 31

    Cintiq users! HDMI or Display Port?

  19. Jul 30

    I should have somebody proof read my tweets before posting them. I almost always have a typo or something in there.

  20. Jul 30

    Reading the script to my next project... The intro captions are giving me chills and putting a grin on my face.


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