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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2017 12:49PM PST


Learn all about Twitch IRL and find the answers you need!

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We have put together this FAQ to answer some of your questions, and we will add to it over time. This includes certain approved use cases for the IRL category, as well as some examples of what is and what is not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is IRL?
    • A: IRL ( is a new category that lets your Twitch community see who you are in real-life. Within IRL, you can directly interact with your viewers in a one-to-many vlog-like style. This includes sharing your live experiences when you are not at the computer or uploading videos of your daily thoughts, opinions, and anything else on your mind. Core to this category is talking to the camera and actively interacting and sharing with your community.
  • Q: What are some examples of how I can use IRL to share content with my community?
    • A: General life/channel updates or discussions. Maybe you like working out and can make it interactive. You just read a great book and want to discuss it. Or maybe you have very strong opinions about the season finale of your favorite show. That kinda thing.
      Vlogs of your trips into the outside world, such as an amusement park, an event (TwitchCon!), or even the grocery store.
  • QAm I required to interact with my viewers during my IRL stream?
    • A: Yes, you must be actively interacting with your audience when streaming in the IRL category. Unlike a lifecast, you should be the focus, either as a visible part of the stream or through providing commentary.
  • Q: What can’t I broadcast under IRL?
    • A: As detailed above, IRL is for any content that involves continuous on-camera discussion or interaction with your community. Examples of content that does not fit this requirement:
    • Content you do not have the rights to broadcast, including web browsing, movies, TV shows, music videos, sports matches, and live performances.
    • Content featuring (1) other people in private spaces or (2) private content from others’ social media profiles, without their consent.
      Unattended content like sleeping on stream, 24/7 city/house cams, baby or pet cams.
    • Content that requires operating video capture equipment and a moving vehicle simultaneously.
    • Content for existing categories, such as gaming, poker, tabletop games, pinball, chess, talk shows, and creative should always be correctly categorized.
    • Educational content such as tutorials, online courses, or seminars. This content can be shared under Not Playing (described below).
  • QWhat does “Not Playing” mean? If I set my game to Not Playing, how will people find my content.
    • A: If none of the official categories listed in the Community Guidelines fits your stream or video, you are welcome to share by selecting Not Playing. Your followers will be able to see your stream or video, but it will not be discoverable in any of our official content categories. We plan on improving discovery around non-gaming content in 2017.
  • QWhat is the difference between IRL and setting my game to Not Playing?
    • A: IRL is specifically for vlog-inspired, interactive content. If you are unsure whether the content you want to share fits within IRL, please set your broadcast to Not Playing.
  • QHow does IRL differ from Talk Show?
    • A: Generally, a talk show should include two or more people discussing a topic. IRL is more focused on an individual speaking on topic in a vlog-like style. We encourage you to select the category most appropriate for your stream or video.
  • QIs Twitch turning back into
    • A: was a platform built to house random content, while Twitch has always been hyper-focused on you, the community. Your feedback then shaped the content leading us to Twitch Creative, Social Eating and now IRL.
  • QCan I do reviews or chat about my favorite shows?
    • A: Yes, you can use IRL to discuss or provide commentary about shows you love. If you choose to do so, please ensure that you adhere to our Community Guidelines, especially as it relates to using content that belongs to another without authorization.
  • QCan I show my Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter/Social Media feed in an IRL stream or video?
    • A: You can show your own feed and profile, but it should not show someone else's personal information, such as a name or location, without consent.
  • QWill I be penalized (i.e. suspended) if I do not immediately change my channel to the correct directory?
    • A: We do allow for some leeway before you are required to set your channel to the correct directory, but extended or repeated miscategorization is considered a violation of our Community Guidelines.
  • Q: Will mobile streaming allow me to share mobile games?
    • A: At launch, you will not be able to stream your mobile games.  Instead, our feature will make it easier to share your experiences when you are on the go using your phone’s camera. If you are interested in streaming mobile games, we recommend mirroring your phone in combination with your preferred broadcasting software.
      If you would like to help us test our native mobile streaming feature, please fill out this form for a chance to be added to a closed beta.
  • QHow does Twitch define self-destructive behavior in terms of “operating broadcasting equipment and a moving vehicle simultaneously”?
    • A: To begin with, it means we want you to be safe. In that vein, we have added this example to discourage common unsafe activities. Here is some further guidance on ways you can safely broadcast from a moving vehicle:

      - Put down the camera! Do not hold the camera in your hand while broadcasting and driving a vehicle. Instead, using a mount is an easy way to keep your hands available to operate the vehicle.
      - Recruiting others to manage the camera, other equipment, and chat moderation is another way to stay safe to respond and operate your moving vehicle.
      - Comply with all applicable laws and regulations about operating moving vehicles.
      - Keep your eyes on the road!
  • Q: I have feedback or questions about IRL. Where can I submit them?
    • A: Feel free to contribute here.