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Writer for DC Comics. Sundance New Frontier Fellow. World Builder. Creator of X'ED (Black Mask) & Black Card (HBO/Cinemax). DC Comics Writers Workshop 2016.

The Innerverse.
Joined June 2015


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    9 Aug 2017

    'Batman and the Signal' Introduces a New Hero to Gotham City (Exclusive Art) via

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    Aug 3

    Awesome news over at – LIVEWIRE has been expanded to an ongoing series! Check out this interview with writer :

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    Aug 2

    Just for clarity: I'm on JUSTICE LEAGUE for at least 50 issues. Not going anywhere for a looong time :) But! Every five or so issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE will be a LEGION of DOOM chapter where tells the story from the villains' side and reveals big secrets.

  4. Jul 31
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  5. Jul 31

    I know how ya feel, . Received this in the mail last week. Congrats!

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    Jul 29

    FRIENDO #1 drops September 26th wherever good comics are sold. I think it's the best work I've ever done, and I'm pretty confident that you will too. Please ask your retailer to order you a copy. Here's a handy preorder form.

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  7. Jul 29
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    Jul 24

    This WEDNESDAY - JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #1 comes out from and - it's some very special dark magic. Please check it out - you won't be sorry.

  9. Jul 4

    Keep on keepin' on, Ahmed. You're an inspiration, sir.

  10. Jul 4

    Lovin' 's first issue on Detective Comics too! Looking forward to more Duke on the horizon from him and the whole gang of Bat-family writers!

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    Jun 21
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    Trying to decompress from the writers retreat, I snuggle up with my kids to watch some cake war and...

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    Jun 20
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    Jun 19

    One week away from DETECTIVE COMICS #983, which kicks off Bryan Hill's "On The Outside" story. Duke and Cass need a teacher...and Black Lightning fits the bill.

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    To make sure my family knows what’s up... drops his excellent DETECTIVE COMICS #982 next week. My arc begins at #983 now. You’ll know. You’ll hear the screams rising in Gotham. You’ll hear the sirens, the pleading and the prayers. So will Batman.

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    Jun 5

    Retailers. If you DM'd me, expect tomorrow... 👍🏻

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    Jun 1

    . and I are thrilled that so many people liked Green Arrow Annual #2. Thanks to everyone who has picked it up!

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    Happy NCBD! On shelves today THE WILDS #3! Awakening in captivity, Heather realizes she is at the mercy of monsters worse than the Abominations. Meanwhile, Daisy travels to The Pit to say a final goodbye to a fellow Runner.

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    , , and 7 others
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    May 23

    And huge props to for wrapping his superlative run on —such amazing characterization with a consistency unheard of in today's double-shipped market. IMHO, James' Detective was for what 's was for the .


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