Wakanda is beautiful this time of year. (Screenshot: Black Panther)

With someone as volatile and unpredictable as Donald Trump in the White House, the American people need journalists who are, more than ever, willing to ask the tough questions and hold our elected officials accountable. That’s why The A.V. Club supports the recent grassroots movement to get a journalist to ask the president about U.S. relations with the fictional country of Wakanda. Our support of this cause may also have something to do with the fact that it would be really, really funny.


Inspired by a tweet from The Black List creator Franklin Leonard, writer/comedian Sara Benincasa kickstarted the campaign this week by announcing she would pay $300 to hear Donald Trump’s thoughts on the made-up African nation from Marvel Comics that’s featured prominently in the upcoming Black Panther film. A few hundred dollars for such high-profile prank may not seem like much, but potential donations have already started coming in from various individuals who are passionate about both Wakandan political issues and dunking on our very dumb president.

Benincasa has also offered up some helpful tips on how a journalist might go about asking these all important questions.


With this grassroots effort continuing to gain momentum, we assume it’s only a matter for time before some brave individual takes up the mantle of Wakandans everywhere and gets to the bottom of this vibranium trade agreement. After all, what’s the point of having freedom of the press if we’re not going to use that freedom to do very childish, nerdy things? The ball is in your court, White House press corp.