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    9 hours ago

    Check out our discussion on the books! Please Like, Share, and Subscribe if you like what we do! Creators: Ta-Nehisi Coates Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, Wil Quintana

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  2. 10 hours ago

    I didn't know this version of Ash's Shining Light existed. love this song. Annie Lennox - via

  3. Aug 5
  4. Aug 4

    Just drawing what I'm told by . Glad you folks enjoyed it. Thanks to and for making me look good. I inked most of this issue, Gerry will be back on no. 3! Thanks again for buying it.

  5. Aug 3

    Thank you for picking up Captain America 2! More cool stuff to come.

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    Aug 1

    Another beautiful issue of . This one is managing to walk the line being topical without being preachy.

  7. Jul 29

    Thanks and for an intellectually interesting and morally questionable evening discussion. Until next time:)

  8. Jul 29

    One of my favorite songs of all time: The world has turned and left me here Just where I was before you appeared And in your place an empty space Has filled the void behind my face

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    Jul 20

    A quote for the ages: "when the generation that survived the war is no longer with us, we'll find out whether we have learned from history" - Angela Merkel today

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    Jul 19
    Replying to

    Life is a wild ride with hidden opportunities in every downturn. Bad stuff can help you focus on the good & shift your priorities. Whatever it is, once you allow yourself to process it, you'll get through it. We're stronger than we think we are, even when we're vulnerable.

  11. Jul 19

    Thanks for the love and support, everyone. Each day is better than the last. On to exciting stuff: visit SDCC booth 4419, . Im barely drawing traditional interior pages but pls check out what Kwan has. Still working on Captain America!

  12. Jul 19

    I’m officially a grown up. Don’t worry folks, I’m doing good. This is life. It’s supposed to suck from time to time. I remember thinking: the worst part of my day is flossing. Really. I guess it’s asking for payback. Let’s make the best out of it.

  13. Jul 19

    Suddenly, without warning, I’m all alone. Life will just kick you in the balls when you least expect it. Glad to have friends around to lean on. Thanks everyone. Taking it One day at a time.

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    Jul 18

    WEAPON H #5 in stores today! Huge conclusion to our first big story arc! I'm biased, but this book is freaking awesome and you should get it. Pencils by , colors by , letters by , cover by !

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  15. Jul 15

    My Awesome Friend and Art Rep will be at SDCC 2018 booth 4419. please pay him a visit and check out some of my original art! Thanks all.

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    . Captain America #1 was a powerful first issue....

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    Jul 6
  18. Jul 6

    and of course, see you on sunday at galleria! with ! Thanks again for getting your Captain America copies!

  19. Jul 6

    comic fans, I’ll be at Vista Mall, Antman and the Wasp block screening at around 230pm. If you want your comics signed, drop by!

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    Jul 4

    Dear god this issue of Captain America was ground breaking. and expressed everything i feel about what Captain America should be. I’m on board, Fellas. You can’t pass up this issue, it’s just to damn good!


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