Krypton series planned for '7 to 8 year' future, says executive producer

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Jan 9, 2018

Since its brooding teaser trailer, SYFY’s Krypton has teased DC fans with the possibility that Superman could be erased before he was ever born. Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), Superman’s grandpappy (as they are called on Krypton), must contend with present-day Brainiac (Blake Ritson) and Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos, playing a normal, “heartland” Michigander) when deciding whether to try to change the events of their past or allow the destructive present that creates his grandson, Kal-El.

At the 2018 TCAs, showrunner Cameron Welsh, executive producers David Goyer and Geoff Johns, and star Cuffe sat on a panel to discuss the upcoming show, for which, Goyer says, "We do roughly have a seven-to-eight-year plan."

That leaves a lot up for exploration. According to Goyer, “This is an untold story and time travel is involved. History could be changed and what happens in this story can be very different from the backstory people know.” That allows basically anything to happen, breaking free from comic or movie canon and veering into the exploratory reaches of fanfic.

The show, which has been in the works since before 2014, was shot in Europe (mostly in Belfast, Northern Ireland) to differentiate itself from the look of most Vancouver-shot DC shows, according to Johns. “It’s all untold story and fertile ground,” says Welsh, whose EPs went on to explain that being disconnected from the rest of the universe gives “free reign” even to tackle their “own version of Doomsday.”

The creators also teased upcoming characters from the show, saying that “some of the most heroic people come from the House of Zod,” while the interplanetary “Omega Men will show up” as Strange goes on adventures on different planets besides Krypton. However, despite all the references from DC comic deep-dives, if you only know Superman, the show will remain accessible. Sketching out an existing “blind spot” in the IP, Goyer cited the allegorical opportunity as exciting for the team to tackle.

Writing a character, or a family of characters, with the fallible heroism of Superman may be easy since their goals are single-minded, but exploring those characters' nuances and the perception surrounding them by those that idolize them (including Strange) will be the show’s timely focus as it moves throughout its (planned) seasons.

Krypton premieres on March 21, 2018.