Ancient Astronauts
Scifi/Adventure Graphic Novel

Spaceships, flying cars, monsters and magic.

Discover the world of the Ancient Astronauts.

Ancient Astronauts

Young Onys emerges from sleep, short of breath, alerted by something heavy and dangerous lingering around her. An imperceptible but undeniable entity, defying the laws of physics, manifesting itself like a cloud of smoke, almost palpable. A presence whose mysterious nature would soon shake her perceptions of reality.

The sudden arrival of Yulunga, the astonishing shaman, will open the doors to a universe wholly unexpected by the young Onys.

What if, since the beginning of time, there was something else? Maybe, it was the world of Ancient Astronauts.

"Intangibly Unique - 8.3/10" - ComicsVerse

"Highly ambitious and entertaining - 8/10" - Nerdgeist

"[Ancient Astronauts] paves the way for a compelling series - Geek Mash

"An interesting blend of science fiction and Fantasy" - Impulse Gamer

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